Privacy statement

Nethroma takes your privacy very serious and has therefore taken some measures to ensure privacy of our customers.

To ensure your privacy

Nethroma states that all customer information will be treated confidentially and used only to help you even better. Nethroma guarantees the privacy of this information through secure password-protected servers.  Nethroma strives to keep this information accurate at any time. After registration and login to this web site you can see this information yourselves and adjust if necessary by clicking "Change dates". 
We regularly analyze how visitors use our web site to get a better picture of how the Web site is used so we are able to make improvements. The information we collect is only to review overall picture and not at customer level. This analysis will be incorporated in reports, but will not contain individual and personal information.

E-mail newsletters

Part of our services to our customers are the e-mail newsletters that we send regularly. This service keeps you informed of important news, new products, services and current exhibitions / events.
If you want to receive these newsletters please enter your email address on our web site (in News). Unsubscribe from the newsletter is easy by clicking on the appropriate link in each e-mail.

For questions about this please e-mail to


Cookies are used to link a unique identifier to your computer through a technical facility in your Internet browser. These cookies do not contain personal data, but the web site shall be able to recognize you when you return to the Nethroma web site and is only used for this purpose.


The above statement applies to and web site. Nethroma reserves the right adjust this statement from time to time. The above privacy statement is therefore not intended as a contract.